Compass Points

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Frank has one book in print that details his first two climbs up Mount Rainier. He currently has two other books in the works detailing his most recent climbs and the life lessons he has learned during these new adventures. Frank uses his experiences to inspire others through his writing, as well as giving motivational talks, presentations and slideshows.

"Compass Points: Finding A Mid-life Bearing on Mount Rainier"
Mount Rainier is considered by many to be the longest endurance climb in the lower 48 states. This book is both a spiritual odyssey and adventure travelogue. It is the story of the author's two climbs of Mount Rainier (in 1999 & 2000), led by Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. guides. Prepared from journals written during these climbs, this story is compelling, provocative and instructional. It will appeal to all the baby-boomers now in mid-life, and to all others who are fascinated with mountains, or find themselves on a spiritual journey through life.
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Reviews by readers of Compass Points posted on

"I really felt like I was part of the team climbing Mount Rainer (minus the pain, risk, cost, etc). The chapters are short and very easy to understand. The book is more than just about climbing a mountain it is about the person your become along the way. What Frank learned about himself can help us all climb our own mountains."
-- Quinn A. Artz

"I read the book in "real time", by that I mean I read up to the end of his first day, put the book down and picked it up the next day when he was also beginning his next day on the mountain. This added to my enjoyment as I felt I was sharing the author's experience as it unfolded. Truthfully,the book can easily be read in one or two readings. The best part of this book is the spirituality the author gets in touch with in his time on the mountain. It really comes across in his reflective final chapter where he ponders what made him begin his trek and where does he go from here. I gave the book to my wife to read and she is enjoying it also. It's a good read for everyone."
-- Bill Mann

“A very enjoyable, sincere and warm read. Henninger takes you from the challenge of first deciding to climb Mount Rainier to the training, and then up the mountain itself. You experience the process as though you were there; the weather, the illumination of self awareness, the fatigue, triumphs and reflections. It's a fine read and had me anxiously turning the pages with no small amount of anticipatory excitement. And it's fun. Henninger is a human being; not a professional guide, not a Sherpa, but someone you can like and certainly admire for both his efforts and the accounting of the time he had on Mt Ranier. Read it. You'll like it.”
-- David Crane

"In Compass Points, Mr. Henninger takes us along on his quest to climb Mt. Rainier and understand the deeper spiritual power that the mountain holds for him. In telling his story, he invites each of us to locate our own polestar and to summon the courage to live a fully engaged life. Compass Points lifted my spirits and reminded me why I seek wild places."
-- Ira Orchin